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Communicating research through creative methods – a narrative approach

While we as researchers put a lot of effort into making sense of data, we seem to pay less attention to how to communicate our data’s ‘story’ in compelling and engaging ways.

This workshop will draw on our own experiences of communicating research through collaborative and creative methods in the context of disability and inequality. The workshop will offer participants the chance to use equipment and develop ideas of how they could use creative approaches to communicate their research. 


Who is this event for ?

PhD students, early career researchers and senior researchers as well as researchers outside of academia, with an interest to explore different ways to communicate research. Participants will be encouraged to bring relevant data from their research projects (if possible) to the workshop and to download relevant software that could be used on their laptops (e.g. audacity). We would like to advertise the workshop through the University of Edinburgh as well as other universities and to people outside of academia through Eventbrite. 


This event will be facilitated by Shweta Ghosh and Paula Jacobs.

Shweta is an Award-winning documentary filmmaker from India and a part-time lecturer at the Department of Film at the University of Reading. Shweta's research combines approaches of visual ethnography, participatory research and reflexive filmmaking around issues of access for people with disabilities in the Global South. 

Paula is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. Her research explores transition processes in the lives of adults with severe intellectual disabilities. She has recently developed an audio play based on her research and she used the method of writing short stories in a project with the Scottish Government. 


Tickets are free but limited, please secure your place on Eventbrite

Jul 01 2019 -

Communicating research through creative methods – a narrative approach

This workshop will explore the use of creative media to communicate research with a focus on narrative, film and audio.