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‘Collage your Brexit story’ workshop and art exhibition

You will be encouraged to use found images and text with an emphasis on using your emotions and feelings to work intuitively. There will be a variety of materials available including magazines, newspapers, pastels, crayons and glue sticks  

The generated art pieces will be curated in an art exhibition that will be on display in the Foyer of Chrystal Macmillan Building (George Square) for the remaining of the Minor Movement Festival. You may choose to exhibit your work anonymously if you prefer.  


Who is this event for? This workshop is particularly relevant to EU nationals who are experiencing a lot of uncertainty and a multitude of emotions in relation to and as a result of Brexit. It is, however, open to anyone who would like to explore and depict how Brexit is affecting them regardless of nationality. 


This event is being led by Lorena Georgiadou and Tess Wyatt:

Lorena is Lecturer in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Applied Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on people’s experiences of ‘being a foreigner’ and the associated impact on emotional and psychological well-being. Lorena is increasingly interested in belonging and identity and is currently developing a research project on Brexit and Mental Health.  

Tess is an artist teacher based in Edinburgh. Recently she has been working using intuitive art journaling as a method to explore emotions and feelings.  


Tickets are free but limited, please secure your place on Eventbrite


Jul 01 2019 -

‘Collage your Brexit story’ workshop and art exhibition

This is an art-based experiential workshop, inviting people who feel affected by Brexit to explore and express their experience through non-verbal visual art media (collage/mixed media).