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Bodies and movement in the city: how to read the space in between

Erin Manning’s concept of “minor movement” draws our attention to minute changes, and how these can affect the wider context. Silent observation, and freestyle notation will be used to design subtle forms of intervention.


Who is this for? This is a workshop for anybody interested in (or curious about) relationships between body and space, including architects, urban designers, performers, and city dwellers of all types. No previous experience necessary in architectural, performative or notation-related skills. 


This workshop will be with Sophia Lycouris, Sophia is an artist/academic with a background in dance, choreography and improvisation and has been working in the crossover between performance and visual art for more than 20 years. Within the academy, she is also interested in interdisciplinarity and the potential of research by creative practice and has undertaken research in new technology projects through the use of choreographic methodologies. She creates live performances, videos and installations, usually in collaborative contexts, and thinks that art is an unused political tool which we desperately need at this moment in time. 


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Jul 02 2019 -

Bodies and movement in the city: how to read the space in between

This workshop uses a “minor movement” lens to observe power relationships in the urban space and how space becomes political in ways which are corporeal, visceral, or affective.