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Authentic Movement - Presentation and Films

Authentic Movement is a practice of attending to inner-body experience, mostly associated with Dance Movement Therapy. It involves moving from within, as well as observing and speaking of this experience with specific attitudes and according to specific guidelines. It was first developed in the 1950s by Mary-Starks Whitehouse and further developed since the 70s by Janet Adler, who created two beautiful documentaries (1968, 1988). Excerpts of these will be shown, as well as Nina Kungurova’s a more recent, poetic short-film.


Anybody who is interested is welcome to attend this event!


Barbara Erber is a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist and practitioner/teacher of Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy. She has been working with traumatised adults and children internationally in various settings since 2009. Barbara is currently conducting PhD research at the University of Edinburgh, studying how practitioners of Authentic Movement feel present and safe in their bodies within this practice and in everyday life. 


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Jul 01 2019 -

Authentic Movement - Presentation and Films

This event comprises a short verbal presentation on Authentic Movement and the showing of short films on the subject.