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CCRI ‘Minor Movement’ Celebration: 1-5 July, 2019

The Celebration will connect with the global ‘Minor Movements’ initiative, prompted by Erin Manning and colleagues at SenseLab in Canada, events relating to which are happening across Europe and elsewhere this northern hemisphere summer and early autumn. ‘Minor movements’ are about: sensitivity and attunement to what happens to and around us; they’re about social and environmental justice; they’re about noticing and creating connections; they’re about creativity, collectivity and collaboration.


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Dark sky with Edinbrugh castle in the distance
Image credit: Ilona Suojanen

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CCRI ‘Minor Movement’ Celebration: 1-5 July, 2019

We will be holding a ‘Minor Movement’ Celebration on 1-5 July, in Edinburgh. The Celebration will involve workshops, discussions, playful happenings, music- and art-making, writing, talks, presentations, performances, and much more, that encompass the work of CCRI and the many initiatives and projects associated with it.