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Information on upcoming events organised by the Centre for Creative-Relational Inquiry (CCRI).

Psychosocial Study Group in Scotland

The study group is based at the CCRI at the University of Edinburgh and housed with the Association for Psychosocial Studies (APS), see more info here 

For those who would like to know more about 'psychosocial' inquiry, please see a possible way of formulation on the APS website. 

In brief, psychosocial inquiry seeks to connect the intrapsychic processes with the interpersonal relations and, in the past, these have drawn a lot of theoretical energy on psychoanalytic thinking and sociological / cultural / critical theories. 

If you are interested in becoming a member, please do get in touch by emailing the convener of the Group - Nini Fang at:


This week: 

The experience of inflammatory bowel disease and refusal of a stoma-forming surgery: an interpretative phenomenological analysis

1 pm - 2 pm on Thursday 31 October

Room G.15, Doorway 4, Medical School, Teviot Place


CCRI First Thursday Seminar Series 2019/20

The ‘First Thursday’ seminar series engages with innovative, creative and radical conversations about counselling and psychotherapy research and practice.

Autoethnography as a research approach: an introduction

An Invitation to this participative workshop with Professor Jonathan Wyatt

Experiential methods for researching friendship

This seminar, led by Dr Autumn Roesch-Marsh, will explore some of the ways friendship has been researched across disciplines.

Within and beyond ‘The Field’- artful entanglements with each other and what matters

Westwood and Linnell trace the arc of an ongoing inquiry, in collaboration with other human and non-human actors, from their 2007 exhibition with Suzanne Perry and Josephine Pretorius (see Linnell, Perry, Pretorius and Westwood, 2019) through to their current collaborations, together and apart. They note how the agency of materials and places becomes increasingly insistent in their work.