Perinatal Mental Health & Early Development

ESRC Impact Accelerator Account – Global Challenges Research Fund

The World Health Organization has identified mental health as a key development issue for Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC).

Related to this, poverty and mental health difficulties are linked via a cycle of disadvantage. From a global health perspective, poverty is a risk factor for mental health problems, and mental health problems can worsen or entrench economic disadvantage. Maternal mental health difficulties are linked to poverty, domestic violence and gender inequality.

We are working with colleagues in Malawi and Ethiopia to develop shared expertise in delivery of mental health and maternity care in Ethiopia and Malawi. This project will develop our understanding of perinatal mental health care for women with complex mental health difficulties in these countries. We are also building local capacity for training, research and engagement with policy and health practitioners in Malawi and Ethiopia; and making links with other maternal mental health projects running in Sub-Saharan Africa.