School of Health in Social Science

Animal welfare education

Our work on the development and evaluation of animal welfare and cruelty prevention programmes for children & young people. Much of this work is in collaboration with animal welfare charities, most notably the Scottish SPCA.

Prevention through education

Photograph of Scottish SPCA Education Officer working with children in a classroom
This evaluation of the Scottish SPCA's universal educational programme formed part of a doctoral studentship.

Rabbit rescuers

Photograph of two children cuddling a rabbit
Robotic rabbits were used in this innovative study to help children understand rabbit welfare needs.

Promoting a duty of care to animals among children

Photograph of a boy with his arm round his dog
This project investigated how best to intervene to promote a duty of care towards animals among children.

Promoting a duty of care to animals among adolescents

Photograph of a teenage girl sitting on a river bank looking at ducks
Building on our first project with children, this second study investigated how to intervene best with adolescents.