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(3) The link between animal cruelty, domestic violence and childhood trauma

This work is funded by an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) knowledge exchange and impact acceleration grant

August 2019 - January 2021

The link between animal cruelty, domestic violence and childhood trauma:  Changing policy and practice through impactful research

Key activities


  • Raise professional awareness of the relationship between animal cruelty and human violence, building on the national conference in September 2019.


  • Change professional policy and practice through practitioner workshops and collaborative work with the Scottish SPCA.


  • Complete the Delphi Study, analyse data and write a publication. Findings from this study will inform the development of a web-based toolkit.


  • Increase evidence-based practice in animal welfare education/cruelty prevention for children and young people through the development and promotion of an ‘Animal Welfare Education/Cruelty Prevention Toolkit’. This will be promoted through a workshop or webinar.


  • Continue developing social media engagement and website.




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Forthcoming publications

Muldoon J.C. & Williams J.M. (2021). Establishing consensus on the best ways to educate children about animal welfare and prevent harm: an online Delphi study. Animal Welfare, 30.

Muldoon J.C. & Williams J.M. (2021). The challenges & future development of animal welfare education in the UK. Animal Welfare, 30.


The Animal Welfare Education for Children Toolkit

​We have developed a toolkit to support animal welfare education professionals to evaluate their interventions. Find a pdf to download and the online toolkit at the link below:

The Animal Welfare Education for Children Toolkit | The University of Edinburgh