School of Health in Social Science

(1) Breaking the cycle of cruelty and harm for children and animals

This work was funded by an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) knowledge exchange and impact acceleration grant


November 2017 - October 2018

Breaking the cycle of cruelty and harm: Promoting positive interactions between children and animals through impactful research (ESRC)

Key activities
  • Worked closely with the Scottish SPCA and their stakeholders to ensure the formulation and refinement of evidence-based policy and practice in relation to their ‘Prevention through Education’ programme and proposals for 'Animal Guardians', a new programme focusing on ‘high risk’ children and adolescents
    Front cover of the briefing paper on the illegal puppy trade, with a photograph of a puppy in a cage


  • Engaged closely with practitioners from a wide range of professions



  • Influenced policy and practice with respect to the illegal puppy trade


  • Developed a new website



  • Enhanced our media presence and social media reach

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