School of Health in Social Science

Workshop 6

Our second workshop of 2019 highlighted evidence from a qualitative study with children who have harmed animals (Laura Wauthier, University of Edinburgh) and provided an update on 'Animal Guardians', a programme developed with the Scottish SPCA. Susan Witton (a Youth Engagement Officer delivering the intervention) presented an overview and current progress/findings. Finally, Daniel Tipping from the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home gave a presentation on the Home's new animal welfare education programme. Group discussions focused on challenging questions relating to childhood cruelty to animals and how animal welfare education might best be approached.

Papers available for download

Really interesting thinking about gender and animal cruelty, as well as the fact that the child could be traumatised by their own act of cruelty

The workshop made me think more in depth about animal videos on social media, and which ones actually may compromise the welfare of animals.

Participants at Workshop 6
Photograph of girl holding a cat with details of Workshop 6 in May 2019