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Practitioner seminars

Details of specialist seminars held for and/or by practitioners working with children and/or animals.

Dog-assisted interventions (July, 2018)

Advert for dog-assisted intervention seminar - picture of dogs paw in human hand

A wide range of topics were covered by speakers from international organisations, including the benefits of interactions with dogs for childhood education, mental health and well-being, and vulnerable and at-risk youth.



Sarah Macdonald, 'Dogs in schools - how can we manage it safely?'

William Macdonald, Canine Concern, 'We care for dogs and dogs care for us'

Robyn Harris, University of Stirling, 'Can understanding dogs help us to understand each other?'

Suzanne Ruby & Kirsty Macqueen, Paws for Progress, 'Mutual enjoyment and freedom of choice: The dogs role in HAI'