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Scaling a concussion education and best practice package

This project’s mission is to support concussion prevention, identification and management through tailored, evidence-based education and support.

The most common head injury (90%) is concussion, of which 50% still go undetected or unreported due to lack of understanding about symptomology and seriousness. Concussions can cause serious long-term physical, mental, and emotional disturbances. Much of this harm and cost can be avoided with better prevention and injury management systems; effective and proactive education is key.

Through this project we will (1) scale and evaluate the delivery of our existing evidence-based concussion package and (2) engage the national ConcussEd research and knowledge exchange group and stimulate collaborations with potential partners through and interactive event in Spring 2021.


Project Team

This project is led by Dr Stephanie Adams and Dr Jessica Mirman and supported by an interdisciplinary group of partners and subject experts from across Scotland and Canada:

Hugh Richards
Dr Jonathan Hanson Prof John Sproule
Dr Tony Turner Dr Kathryn Schneider
Stew Fowlie Ross Simpson
Peter Robinson  

The project is currently supported by funding from the Wellcome Trust.

For further information about this project, or other concussion projects led by Dr Stephanie Adams and team, please email: