School of Health in Social Science

Themes by network members

During our Networking meetings, we made a note of who we were and our areas of interests on the poster. From this we can see that there are a number of key themes that we are interested in.

AARN Themes by network members

Delirium: MOSIC Interventions, Older people in Critical Care;

Delirium/Dementia: Patient experience emergency;

Dying/Care Homes, Pain/Support - of CH staff;

Frailty, Falls, Fractures - Active ageing - Developing Research capacity;

Dementia/Delirium, Frailty, Care Homes;

Stroke, Frailty, Epidemiology;

Hospital admission, Dementia in the workplace, Informal Care;

Discharge from acute hospital to care home;

Older adults;


Delirium, Dementia, Stroke;

Frailty, Care homes, Oldest Old;

Dementia/esp weight loss, Care Homes, Realistic Medicine;

Compassionate Care, Dementia, Care Homes, Palliative Care;

Care Homes, Relationship = People with Dementia;

Cognition Dementia;

Bladder &  Bowel Dysfunctions, Hospital, Care Hoem community;

Discharge planning communicaiton between hospital & CAre Hoems;

Demintia Risk, Factors & Experience;

Capacity/Consnet, Dusphagia, Ethics Feeding;

Dementia, Quality Research;

Emergency Medicine, Acute deterioration in International emergency medicine;

Dementia, Older People, Care Homes;

Frailty, CArdiovascular disease, Biometrics;

Music Therapy, MoE, Meaningful adapted Activities;

Falls &  NoF, Rehabilitation, Active Ageing;

Geniatric Medicine, Neuropsychiatry, Stroke, Elderly , Anxiety, DIsorder, Web-based RCTs design;

Dementia & Dental Care, Complex Patients + Theis Dental care;

Multidiciplinary, Dementia, Delirium;

Restorative Dentist, Dental effects of aging, Management of older dentition;

Home Care, Caer Homes, Dementia;

Age, Care Homes Design, Particiatory Design Research;

Care Homes, Dementia & Delirium, Health Service Research.