School of Health in Social Science


A number of us are interested in Research in Frailty. These are the things our members are working on / planning to do in this area:


Lit search on health of people in CH +/- onsite nursing.

Big data - 2001 2011 census predictors of CH admissions.

Computing school - algorithum for skills of home care workers.

ASA data- who is admitted / not form CH.

Lit search of frailty as predictor of delerium.

Oral care - early interventiosn links between NHS research.

Interventiosn for falls (if not admitted head injury, no # frailty reasons.

Hospital electronic frailty index data link -+ e.g....

TRAKcare - falls checklist low -v high risk; outcomes.

Measuring physical activity in frailty.

Pre frailty interventions.