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Centre for Creative-Relational Inquiry

The Centre for Creative-Relational Inquiry (CCRI) fosters innovative qualitative research that places the relational at its heart.

What is the focus of the Centre for Creative-Relational Inquiry?

Key to the vision for the Centre is that it develop the ‘creative-relational’ as a dynamic conceptual frame for vibrant, incisive research.

The centre is a home for qualitative research that:

  • is situated, positioned, context-sensitive, personal, experience-near, and embodied;
  • embraces the performative and the aesthetic;
  • engages with the political, the social, and the ethical;
  • problematizes agency, autonomy, and representation;
  • cherishes its relationship with theory, creating concepts as it goes;
  • is dialogical and collaborative;
  • is explicit and curious about the inquiry process itself.

What is creative-relational inquiry?

‘Creative-relational inquiry’ might include:

  • detailed, close-up explorations of, for example, therapeutic and pedagogical relationships;
  • the use of the arts and performance as a methodological approach;
  • inquiries that put concepts and theories to work;
  • and research that engages practitioners and the wider public – creatively, relationally – in and with such research.

These possibilities are illustrative, not exhaustive.

CCRI makes space for and develops capacity for debate, thinking and activity that argues for and contributes to the future of such interdisciplinary research, fostering collaborations and conversations within the University of Edinburgh, nationally and internationally.

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What does 'creative-relational inquiry' mean to me?

In keeping with CCRI's intention to cherish theory and create concepts we offer our thinking-in-progress on 'creative-relational' inquiry and invite others to contribute so that we can continue to develop the theoretical work of the centre.

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