School of Health in Social Science

Year 4

The aim of the final year of the programme is to bring together all the learning from the four years, emphasising nursing as a practice-based profession underpinned by sound research.

Core Courses

  • Professionalism 4 - Professionals Working in Organisations (Clinical Governance)

This course builds on the previous courses on professionalism, and is an examination of the management of health care through the mechanisms of clinical governance, professional regulation and quality and safety standards.

  • Honours Dissertation

The Honours Dissertation takes the form of a critical assessment of an area of nursing practice. The course equips students to systematically evaluate not only research outcomes but turns the focus towards the complex realities of care. The Honours Dissertation is the culmination of the four years of the research courses and directly addresses knowledge transfer through analysis of a current workplace issue.

Honours Options

Students take two Honours options in the first semester of year four.

The courses listed below are examples of the options available to students, however this list is not exhaustive and not all courses will run every year.

  • Cancer Care
  • Caring and Emotional Work in Nursing
  • Community Nursing
  • Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Child Health
  • Transplantation Nursing

Practice Placements

In year four students are required to complete an Honours placement and a twelve week pre-registration management placement.

In the final twelve week placement of the programme, the students are enabled to consolidate all the theoretical and practice-based learning across the four years of the programme towards achievement of the proficiencies for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council - a nurse fit for practice, purpose and award in a modernised, patient-led NHS.

Students have free choice of an area of practice in either the hospital or the community for this final placement where they can meet the management objectives for the placement.