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Somia's blog for ACAMH

Congratulations to PhD student, Somia Imran for getting her blog published by The Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

Photo of Somia

The blog explores her PhD research on Secondary Attachment and Mental Health in Pakistani and Scottish Adolescents. Somia’s study was the first to examine secondary attachment and mental health in adolescents with representation from both high-income and resource-restricted settings with results and discussion on culture. 

When asked about her PhD research Somia said:

"I chose this topic because of my keen interest in youth mental health across cultures. In particular, I focused on the global protective factors (attachment, coping and wellbeing) and most prevalent mental health symptoms (depression and anxiety) in adolescents."

"Further, my clinical experience helped me translate relevant theoretical concepts into a statistical model with implications for developing interventions for optimising adolescents' wellbeing in diverse cultural settings."

"This blog tries to strike a balance to summarise what you find in a scientific paper as well as informative enough for the general audience to understand."


Read the blog post here