School of Health in Social Science

British Academy Grant Success for Project Soothe

British Academy has made an award to Stella Chan and Matthias Schwannauer for their project entitled 'Project Soothe: A Proof-of-Concept Study Developing Soothing Images for Use in Psychotherapy'

Generously supported by CHSS internal grants, Project Soothe has made an excellent start last year having collected 500 images and engaged widely with the public. Securing this external grant will enable the team to launch scientific studies to examine how these images affect our emotional wellbeing with the ultimate goal of developing them for use in psychotherapy.


The success of this British Academy grant is crucial for us to begin the scientific research process to develop these wonderful images for clinical use. We are truly grateful to the College for funding the initial launch and knowledge exchange elements of the project, and to colleagues and participants for their encouragement and contribution

Stella ChanProject Soothe Team