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New Publication: Understanding Sociology in Nursing

by Helen Allan, Michael Traynor, Daniel Kelly and Pam Smith


Understanding Sociology in Nursing

by Helen Allan, Michael Traynor, Daniel Kelly and Pam Smith


The book ‘provides students with insights into key contemporary debates and events to demonstrate the relevance of sociology and its practical application to modern nursing’.

The book was introduced by Professor Julia Lawton, Professor of Health and Social Science at the University of Edinburgh at its launch on 7th April 2016 at the Royal College of Nursing’s Research Conference in Edinburgh.


The book is written by world leaders in nursing studies who are also hugely respected academic figures within medical sociology. It’s an extremely good read, with an excellent bibliography which contains all key texts -- which are introduced and explained in clear, succinct and highly accessible ways throughout the book.It’s a great resource which brings academic points to life in powerful and very engaging ways through the use of illustrative scenarios and links to topical and relevant web-based resources.

In doing so, this book offers its readers a lot more than is contained within its covers -- as it really encourages and allows people to challenge and stretch themselves by providing thoughtful and thought provoking examples which can be used both for individual reflection and to stimulate group discussions. Indeed for the reasons I’ve just outlined I’m in no doubt this book will make a great teaching resource.

To sum up it’s a book which definitely fulfils its aspiration to show its readers how social theory can be used to reflect upon and better understand the everyday practices of nursing. And in doing this, it genuinely offers its readers the opportunity to become better nurses, better colleagues, better managers and better academics.

Professor Julia LawtonProfessor of Health and Social Science, University of Edinburgh
USiN Authors
The authors at the launch: (l to r) Professors Michael Traynor, Daniel Kelly, Helen Allan and Pam Smith






Michael Traynor is Professor of Nursing Policy, Middlesex University

Daniel Kelly is RCN Professor of Nursing Research at Cardiff University and Visiting Professor, Nursing Studies, University of Edinburgh

Helen Allan is Professor of Nursing, Middlesex University

Pam Smith is Professorial Fellow, Nursing Studies, University of Edinburgh 

This article was published on Apr 13, 2016