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Dr Stella Chan gave an invited speech on adolescent...

Dr Stella Chan, Chancellor's Fellow and Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, gave a speech entitled 'It is good to be young, Is it Really?' to a wide audience including academics, clinicians, professionals and service users across Scotland.

Dr Stella Chan gave an invited speech on adolescent depression at the Scottish Mental Health Research Network (SMHRN) Annual Scientific Meeting

This year's SMHRN Annual Scientific Meeting had a specific focus on young people's mental health; Stella's invitation not only was a recognition of her emerging reputation in the field but also reflected the School's strong expertise on applied developmental psychopathology.

In the talk, Stella discussed the role of emotional processing and self-compassion in adolescent depression, and invited the audience to reflect on the general scarcity of research on this age group. Much of her work was in collaboration with colleagues within the School of Health in Social Science, such as Prof Matthias Schwannauer, as well as colleagues from Division of Psychiatry and external collaborations at the University of Oxford and University of Reading, and generously sponsored by a number of grants from the University of Edinburgh, The Royal Society of Edinburgh, and The Scottish Universities Insight Institute.