School of Health in Social Science

Dr Stella Chan - Wellcome Trust Funding Success

Dr Stella Chan, Chancellor's Fellow and Lecturer in Clinical Psychology has been awarded over £39,000 by the Wellcome Trust (the University's Institutional Strategic Support Fund) for research into depression of young pepole.

The title of the project is "In Search of Vulnerability Markers for Clinical Depression: Development of Efficient Screening Tools."

This is an exciting study, led by Dr Chan and is built upon an interdisciplinary collaboration with Dr Heather Whalley (Co-I) at the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences. The ambitious objective is to develop efficient tools to screen for vulnerability markers for depression, focusing both on neural-cognitive mechanisms as well as psycho-social factors. These tools will help transform future large cohort studies and clinical application.

'The focus of this application on depression of young people is of great significance to population health and well-being. It is strategically important to the School as we launch the Centre for Applied Developmental Psychology.'

Professor Charlotte ClarkeHead of School