School of Health in Social Science

Senior Tutor

Key responsibilities associated with the Senior Tutor role include:

  • to have oversight of personal tutoring arrangements within the School
  • to report directly to the Head of School or Director of Teaching (as appropriate locally) with respect to his/her responsibilities
  • to liaise with the College Dean of Students
  • to provide a single point of contact for Personal Tutors, Student Support Officers and the Teaching Organisation seeking advice on “local” matters
  • to deal promptly and effectively with concerns raised by Personal Tutors and Tutees, advising Tutees in cases where they have been referred by a PT/SSO/Teaching Organisation or where the student has been unable to obtain a satisfactory response from the PT/SSO/Teaching Organisation
  • to have regular interchanges with student representatives
  • to consider Personal Tutors’ requests for concessions for students and ensure those requiring College or Senatus approval are referred to College
  • to participate in the interviewing and advising of students who have failed to make adequate progress
  • to contribute to the Schools’ annual and periodic quality assurance and enhancement processes, ensuring that appropriate action is taken to address reasonable student concerns and giving all tutees the opportunity at least once per year to comment on both personal tutoring arrangements and the wider framework of student support in the School.