School of Health in Social Science

Head of School

Key responsibilities associated with the Head of School role include:

  • Provide strategic leadership in teaching, research and knowledge exchange, developing a shared vision that the School will respond to appropriately in respect to external and internal influences.
  • Create a positive and collegiate environment, with an emphasis on communication, in which individual members of staff are engaged and their contributions are encouraged and recognised.
  • Develop the School Plan and set and monitor performance standards to optimise the use of all of the School's resources, and where necessary, ensure corrective action is taken.
  • Where change is needed, lead it through effective communication of the vision for the School, to ensure staff understand and embrace the need for change and their role in contributing to the goals of the School.
  • Champion the development of constructive working relationships between the School and colleagues in other parts of the University, in order to facilitate mutual understanding and effective joint working.
  • Fulfil an ambassadorial role for the School, which facilitates, establishes and maintains productive relationships with external organisations, to maximise any available opportunities.