Hope Park Counselling Centre


About Practice-Based Research at Hope Park Counselling Centre

Why do we do research?

Hope Park Counselling Centre is a practice, training and research centre for counsellors in training. We are a part of the University of Edinburgh, which is one of the leading research universities in Scotland and the United Kingdom. As a part of our on-going commitment to education and research we offer students at the university a chance to develop their practice, both as counsellors and researchers, through working with the centre. We believe research matters and can help inform the development of the field of counselling and psychotherapy for the benefit of future clients.


What does this mean for the clients at Hope Park?

We value the participation of clients in our research programmes. All clients at Hope Park Counselling Centre are offered the opportunity to be involved in research. You will be offered the choice of joining in or not. We are keen to ensure that you are kept informed about how we use any of your personal information that you give permission for us to use. We do not use the real names of clients in our research projects and we protect the identity of our participants.

All research is carried out within Counselling and Psychotherapy’s ethical framework. All research projects are approved by Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Ethics Committee and all research is supervised by experienced research supervisors. Researchers may be a counsellor you have worked with already, another researcher from Counselling and Psychotherapy or from the School of Health in Social Science.

Should you not want to engage in research at Hope Park Counselling Centre, this will not exclude you from accessing the service.