School of Health in Social Science

Counselling Seminars with Professor Kevin A. Fall

We are delighted to welcome Kevin A. Fall to the University of Edinburgh to present two seminars on 12th March 2015.

Kevin Fall is Professor and Programme Coordinator in the Professional Counselling programme at Texas State University. He has co-authored several textbooks and is a frequent presenter at state and national level on the topics of group work, ethics, counselling adolescents and Adlerian theory. He also maintains a small private practice, focusing on adolescents and their families.

Thursday, 12th March 2015, at 12:30pm

Group Counselling: Elements of Effective Leadership

This discussion weaves vital group processes, such as developmental stages and resistance, with the role of the group leader. As many groups are co-facilitated, the clinical rationale of co-leadership will be explored with special attention given to practical ways to enhance the relationship between co-therapists.

12.30pm-2.00pm, 7 George Square, Room S.1

Free but ticketed

Thursday, 12th March 2015, at 4.30pm

Structure and Process in the Group Treatment of Domestic Violence Offenders

As domestic violence prevention becomes more of a focus of social service and law enforcement agencies, methods for effective treatment of the offenders is needed. This presentation provides a method for understanding the dynamics of domestic violence that can help guide a group counselling response to treatment. A psychoeducational group protocol will also be discussed along with an exploration of common issues encountered in groups of mandated clients.

4.30pm-6.00pm, Medical School, Teviot Place, Doorway 6, Room 1.9

Free but ticketed.