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School Culture

Find out more about our inclusive culture in the School, University campaigns and Let's Gather events.

Don't Cross the Line campaign poster - It Was a Mistake/It Was Deliberate

Dignity and Respect at Edinburgh

The University has a zero-tolerance stance towards any form of bullying and harassment.

Don’t Cross the Line is an initiative to raise awareness of the University’s Dignity and Respect Policy and the associated processes for raising and addressing concerns about bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation.

Visit the University The Respect at Edinburgh webpages to find out more


Let’s Gather

Let's Gather events are an important part of our community here in the School of Health in Social Science.

Let's Gather started as a way to bring students and staff together to socialise and remind them it's okay to take a break! Events vary from coffee and cake afternoons to festive parties and Therapet sessions. Following feedback from students, we will be offering more events including yoga classes and careers sessions, all free and all there to help build our sense of community.

Find out more here


Co-ordinator of Adjustments

The University has a system for the recording and distribution of Schedules of Adjustments to key staff in Schools.  

The role of Coordinator of Adjustments is here to make sure that we support students effectively, putting in place the adjustments that the student disability service assesses as being necessary. They are a conduit between School staff and the students and can both help staff to operationalise the adjustment and also liaise with students to make sure they work, they work closely with the student support team.

The role links with that of Disability Contact, this person is a point of contact for all disability queries and provision in the school.


Coordinator of Adjustments & Disability Contact

Jonna Alexjuk 0131 650 3942 (not currently in use)

University wide EDI relevant networks

The University hosts a several EDI networks, including Staff BAME Network, Staff Pride Network, Disabled Staff Network and the Edinburgh Race Equality Network more details can be found on the EDI Website

Another two excellent hubs for building staff solidarity and action are:

RACE.ED showcasing some of the excellent scholarship in areas of race, racialisation and decolonial studies and

GenderED bringing together interdisciplinary scholars in gender and sexuality studies.

Members of the School of Health in Social Science can be found working in and contributing across these networks and initiatives.