Student Support

Student Disability Support

The School of Health in Social Science offers a range of support options for students who have a disability or health condition.

Registering for support

A disability could be a physical or mental health condition, physical disability, learning difficulty, neurodiversity (e.g., autism spectrum disorder) or communication difficulty (e.g., stammer), for example.

 If you think you might be eligible for this service, please contact the Student Disability Service. They can arrange an assessment and make recommendations to support your learning. This is an essential step to getting necessary learning adjustments implemented.

Student Disability Service can provide adjustments to how you experience your teaching and learning, as well as assistive technology and 1:1 specialist support. Specialist support could involve manual or electronic notetaking, specific learning difference tuition, mental health mentoring or proofreading, for example. These are documented on a Schedule of Adjustments and shared with the school via your Euclid record.

Checking your adjustments

How to view your Schedule of Adjustments.

  1. From MyEd, open your self-service portal in EUCLID
  2. Select ‘Disability Support’ from the side menu
  3. Select ‘View Schedule of Adjustments’ button

Support within the School of Health in Social Sciences

  • The Student Support Team

The Student Support Team can offer help with coursework and programme extensions, interrupting your study, as well as providing support if you are experiencing difficulties with your studies. 

  • Personal Tutor Support

Your Personal Tutor (PT) is a member of academic staff who is a consistent point of contact throughout your period of study, and your PT can help you to navigate disability support. Personal Tutor Support

  • Co-Ordinator of Adjustments

Joanna Alexjuk is the school’s co-ordinator of adjustments. She is the main point of contact between the Student Disability Service and the school. If you have questions about your schedule of adjustments contact the Student Disability Service in the first instance, but Joanna is available to students as well. 

Contact the Student Disability Service at

Contact Joanna Alexjuk at

  • School Named Contact

Some students will be allocated a named contact within the school. Emily Taylor is the school’s named contact. She can help you with more complex issues that might arise and which your personal tutor cannot help with. You or your personal tutor can contact her for guidance.

Contact Emily Taylor at  

  • Assessments

Many adjustment schedules include extra time for assessments. This is not automatic and students need to apply for the extra time for coursework assessments. The university has a new system for managing this. You can find further information here: Coursework Extensions

  • Support with the University

University Support Services offer support with health, well-being and mental health, including the Student Counselling Service and various therapies, for example SilverCloud, an online cognitive behavioural therapy programme and TogetherAll, an online mental health support network, guided by trained professionals, peer support and self-care resources.  University sources of support