Student Support

Special Circumstances

If difficult circumstances are impacting your assessments and you need more help than a 7 day coursework extension, you can apply for Special Circumstances.

The University is committed to supporting you during your studies.

If you are experiencing circumstances beyond your control that are having an adverse impact on your academic performance, you can apply for a coursework extension and/or Special Circumstances.  

If a 7 day extension to your coursework deadline is sufficient help for you, you should apply for a coursework extension.  

If a 7 day extension is not sufficient to mitigate the impact of your difficult circumstances on your assessments, you may also wish to apply for Special Circumstances.

When a student’s Special Circumstances application is accepted by the University, Boards of Examiners will take into account that their assessments were affected by difficult circumstances.  The options open to Boards of Examiners are outlined in the Special Circumstances Policy.

Your Personal Tutor (PT) and the School's Student Support Team are your first points of contact should you wish to discuss your circumstances with them.  They will be able to advise you on the range of support available at the University, as well as explain about Special Circumstances. 

Special circumstances applications are now reviewed by a central University team: the Extensions and Special Circumstances Service. 


How to apply

The online applications process for Special Circumstances will open in October 2020.  You will be able to submit your application via MyEd.  The system will allow you to select a single coursework, or to select several assignments across different courses, all on one application. 

The deadline for applying is one week following your last assessment of the semester.

If you have questions about your application, the Extensions and Special Circumstances team can be contacted by email at  They will aim to respond to completed Special Circumstances applications within 5 working days.

Full details on the criteria for Special Circumstances, the process of applying, deadlines for submitting applications, and how decisions will be communicated are available on the Extensions and Special Circumstances Service website.

More information on Special Circumstances can be found on the University’s Academic Services’ website.