Student Support

Coursework Extensions

Students with exceptional circumstances may apply for an extension to an assignment deadline of up to seven calendar days

Please note that the following information relates only to courses within the School of Health in Social Science.

If your request does not relate to the School of Health, please consult your home School for the correct extension request process.

How to apply

You are expected to plan your work to meet the published deadlines for submission of coursework. If exceptional circumstances arise which may prevent you from meeting these deadlines it is essential that you apply for an extension for the assignment in advance of the published deadline. An extension of seven calendar days may be granted.

Where a student has good reason for requiring a coursework extension of more than seven calendar days, the student should submit the coursework when able to do so and apply via the Special Circumstances process for the Board of Examiners to consider disregarding the penalty for late submission. Please see the relevant Special Circumstances information in handbooks or on the School website and speak with your Personal Tutor, or Student Support Office, if this applies to you.

Prior to completing an application form please read the following guidelines before submitting your request and ensure your circumstances meet the criteria for an extension (see below). Please note we do not accept computing problems as a reason for extensions. The request form can be found at the bottom of this page.


  • It is the responsibility of individual students to submit work on time.
  • Extension requests must be made in advance of the published deadline for the coursework.
  • Any requests for an extension to assessment submission dates for up to seven days should be made using the online extension request form.
  • For EACH course that you wish an extension, a separate request is required.
  • If your coursework extension request meets the criteria for an extension you will be informed of this by email. Your Personal Tutor will be copied into the email to allow them to provide you with additional support as appropriate.
  • If you have a Learning Profile from the Disability Service allowing you the potential for flexibility over deadlines you must still make a formal extension request for such flexibility to be taken into account.
  • Please ensure that you enter your University email address. Only addresses ending can count as verification of your identity. All submissions will receive a confirming email, if you do not, it means that there has been an error in your submission.
  • Work which is not submitted and for which no extension has been obtained will be allocated a fail grade.

What should be provided?

  • In cases where medical evidence is required please note that your work will be considered as late until evidence is submitted and confirmed. Evidence should be submitted to the School Student Support Office (
  • Ensure that enough detail is entered into the ‘Reason for request’ box to allow the School to determine if your circumstances meet the criteria for extension. One word explanations will not be accepted.
  • Based on the rationale for extension, the Student Support Office or your Personal Tutor may contact you for further information.

Duration of request

  • The School will approve an extension of seven calendar days for all requests that meet the criteria for extension and confirm the revised submission date with you by email. You may submit the assignment before the revised submission date if you wish, using the appropriate Turnitin drop box in LEARN.
  • The maximum duration that can be approved by the School within the coursework extensions policy is seven calendar days. Where a student has good reason for requiring a coursework extension of more than seven calendar days the student should submit the coursework when able to do so and apply via the Special Circumstances process outlined on this webpage.

Reasons for coursework extensions

Good reasons for coursework extensions are unexpected short-term circumstances which are exceptional for the individual student, beyond that student’s control, and which could reasonably be expected to have had an adverse impact on the student’s ability to complete the assessment on time. Good reasons may include:

  • Recent short-term physical illness or injury;
  • Recent short-term mental ill-health;
  • A long-term or chronic physical health condition, which has recently worsened temporarily or permanently;
  • A long-term or chronic mental health condition, which has recently worsened temporarily or permanently;
  • The recent bereavement or serious illness of a person with whom the student has a close relationship;
  • The recent breakdown in a long-term relationship, such as a marriage;
  • Emergencies involving dependents;
  • Job or internship interview at short notice that requires significant time, e.g. due to travel;
  • Victim of a crime which is likely to have significant emotional impact;
  • Military conflict, natural disaster, or extreme weather conditions;
  • Experience of sexual harassment or assault;
  • Experience of other forms of harassment;
  • Exceptional and significant change in employment commitments, where is beyond the student's control;
  • Exceptional (i.e. non-routine) caring responsibilities.

In addition to these unexpected circumstances, Schools wil also consider requests for coursework extensions in relation to:

  • A student's disability where the student's Schedule of Adjustments includes relevant provisions;
  • Representation in performance sport at an international or national championship level, in line with the University's Performance Sport Policy.

The following are examples of circumstances which would not be considered good reasons for coursework extensions:

  • A long-term or chronic health condition (including mental ill-health or similar ill-health) which has not worsened recently or for which the University has already made a reasonable adjustment;
  • A minor short-term illness or injury (e.g. a common cold), which would not reasonably have had a significant adverse impact on the student’s ability to complete the assessment on time;
  • Occasional low mood, stress or anxiety;
  • Circumstances which were foreseeable or preventable;
  • Holidays;
  • Pressure of academic work (unless this contributes to ill-health);
  • Poor time-management;
  • Proximity to other assessments;
  • Lack of awareness of dates or times of assessment submission;
  • Failure, loss or theft of data, a computer or other equipment;
  • Commitments to paid or voluntary employment.

Please also refer to Taught Assessment Regulation 28 regarding Late Submission of Coursework:

Extension request form

Please use the electronic form at the link below to make an extension request. You should ensure that ALL fields are complete and that you enter your University email address as it acts as a verification mechanism for the School. Make sure you have read the guidance before proceeding. Failure to complete in full may result in the request not being assessed. 

Please note that the Student Support Team will respond to your request within two working days.

Access the extension request form on the School Intranet