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Concessions to Programme

Concessions include authorised interruptions of study and extensions to the programme period of study.

While course work extensions and special circumstances applications are related to one or several courses, concessions to programme cover exceptions to one of the University's regulations or policies and include Authorised Interruptions of Study (AIS) and Extensions to the programme period of study.

If you are temporarily unable to engage with your studies, you can apply for an Authorised Interruption of Study. An interruption of study involves taking a complete break from study for an agreed period of time, usually for up to one academic year.  Common reasons for authorised interruption include: health reasons, maternity leave or financial circumstances. Taking an authorised interruption of study may have financial and visa implications. You are encouraged to speak with an advisor at the Edinburgh University Students’ Association Advice Place who can provide independent advice about the potential financial and other implications of taking an interruption.  You will be required to fill out a form providing information on why you are requesting an authorised interruption of study, as well as providing relevant evidence. Your Personal Tutor can assist in completing the form. A return to study plan will be required and your Personal Tutor or Programme Director can advise you about this.

An extension to the programme period of study allows you to extend your prescribed period of study, in cases where you are unable to complete your studies within the prescribed period, due to circumstances outwith your control. Grounds for extension are limited to:

  • where progress has been hampered by unforeseen difficulties with facilities or equipment, hence a completetion of the thesis has been delayed
  • where progress has been hampered by unforeseen difficulties in obtaining or analysing data
  • where long term illness has hampered progress but not sufficiently to cause an interruption of study
  • where the outcome of a thesis examination requires an extension for corrections

In most cases concessions will only be granted in exceptional cases and with supporting documentation. A concession should only be considered granted once College has confirmed it has been approved. You should also discuss with your Personal Tutor, Programme Director, or Supervisor how you intend to manage return to study. They may need to consult with the Head of Subject Area about the implications of concessions, particularly if it relates to a degree with practice elements. For more information see the Authorised Interruption of Study Policy

How to apply

UGT and PGT students

You can find the Authorised Interruption of Study and Concessions (programme extension) forms via the links below for PGT and UG students.

Please discuss your request for an authorised interruption of study or programme extension with your Personal Tutor providing them with any supporting evidence. Personal Tutors should support you in completing the form, and advise you about your return to study plan.

Personal Tutors should return the completed forms and supporting evidence to:-

The request will be reviewed and approved by the School and then forwarded to College for consideration.  You and your Personal Tutor will be informed when the request has been approved by the College.

PGR Students

 Please discuss your request for an authorised interruption of study or programme extension with your Research Supervisor.

Concessions forms for PGR students are available to download from School of Health Postgraduate Research Programmes Learn space.

If you are having any difficulty locating PGR request forms please email Alison Grahamslaw at Students then complete the relevant forms and provide electronic copies of this, and supporting evidence, to their Supervisor.

Supervisors should upload the form and evidence to the online postgraduate research request system: On the homepage, first read the guidance before selecting  ‘Make a new concession request on behalf of your student’.

Both the student and the Research Supervisor will be informed when the request has been approved by the College.