School of Health in Social Science

Student Support and Personal Tutoring

Throughout your studies we aim to provide with the support you need to flourish in your studies. This section provides more information on the support we provide.



The Student Support Team,  situated in the General Office, is your first port of call for crisis and emergency situations and for non-academic enquiries. You do not need to make an appointment; you can simply turn up, or email the relevant staff member. The Student Support Team comprises the Student Support Officer (Lorna Sheal) and two Student Support Assistants (Sergio Mori and Louise Carracher). Lorna, Sergio and Louise can assist you with all enquiries and advise you on contacts for support and further information. For further information see the box below.

Each student is also assigned  a Personal Tutor from their first week. You will meet with your Personal Tutor regularly to discuss your academic progress and your Personal Tutor can advise on extensions/special circumstances enquiries and advise on sources of support or further advice. You can find out more about what your Personal Tutor does in the box below. 

The School of Health in Social Science also has a Senior Tutor who oversees the Personal Tutoring and and Student Support Team. The Senior Tutor is Karen Goodall. 

Your Personal Tutor

Every student has a Personal Tutor (PT), a member of the teaching staff who provides academic guidance and support.

Your Student Support Team

The Student Support Team can be contacted in emergency or crisis situations and can assist with non-academic enquiries.

Extensions to Coursework

Students with exceptional circumstances may apply for an extension to an assignment deadline of up to seven calendar days

Special Circumstances

If circumstances require an extension of more than seven calendar days, students should apply for Special Circumstances.

Concessions to Programme

Concessions include authorised interruptions of study and extensions to the programme period of study.

Guidance for Personal Tutors

Guidance for staff with Personal Tutor roles