School of Health in Social Science

Let's Gather!

Let's Gather events are an important part of our community in the School of Health in Social Science.

Let's Gather started as a way to bring students and staff together to socialise and remind us that it's okay to take a break! Our programme of free events is developed in consultation with students and staff, is supported by our Student Community Leaders.  It includes a peer support scheme, movie nights, a Photography Competition, Coffee and Cake afternoons, festive parties and Therapet sessions.  Events are advertised on the School’s website, Facebook and Twitter and in the School Newsletter.

Find out more about how Let's Gather came about in this blog post from the members of staff who started it all.  

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Bitesize Careers

Let’s Gather and think Careers! A series of hour-long online careers events introducing students to the University’s Careers Service and to the essentials of applying for work. Topics covered include Assessing your Skills, Standout CVs, Preparing for Interviews and an open Q&A session.

Photography Competition

Our students have been posting photos for regular themed competitions, with the photographer receiving the most likes winning a voucher. The photos have brought joy to everyone looking for a break from the written word!

Peer Support Scheme

Our Peer Support Scheme, coordinated by our Student Community Leaders, has been appreciated by many students looking to connect across programmes and countries online this year. As restrictions have eased, students who have been connected through the scheme have been able to meet in-person.

Yoga Sessions

Divya Sivaramakrishnan, a post-doctoral research in our school has been contributing to our health and wellbeing with fortnightly online yoga sessions for staff and students. Pitched for beginners, these sessions have been highly accessible and created a supportive community for all involved.

Wellbeing Festival

Two wellbeing festivals especially for our School, one during exams and the second during the dissertation period, gave students an opportunity to step away from study for short periods to take care of their mental and physical wellbeing through self-compassion, mindfulness, yoga and walking activities. Staff and students contributed to making these festivals a huge success.

Book Swap

When we were finally allowed to meet in person, we ran an outdoors lunchtime book swap. Members of the school brought along novels to swap out for summer reading. The weather was fine, and students had a chance to meet each other in person – hooray!