School of Health in Social Science

Submitting your work electronically

In the School of Health, assignments are submitted electronically though Turnitin.

How to submit your work electronically

Go to your course in Learn. Note that Turnitin sometimes does not accept submissions from the Safari browser. We recommend using an alternative such as Google Chrome or Firefox

Access Learn

You can access the submission area by selecting "Assessments" from the left hand panel.

Read the submission instructions carefully.

Click ‘Mark Reviewed’ to confirm that you have read and understood all the information. This will give you access to the submission folder(s).

Where possible you should review your work through Turnitin before final submission using the Originality Check link as part of your learning and good practice. You may make multiple trial submissions to this link but must ensure that your final submission is made to the correct assessment link. Final submissions made in error to the Originally Check link will require to be resubmitted to the correct link and may be subject to late penalties.

When you are ready to submit your assignment for marking, click through to the submission folder(s) and select the correct assignment.

Open and read the University’s Own Work Declaration.  

Click ‘Mark Reviewed’ to confirm that you have read and adhered to agree with the statements on the own work declaration. You will then have access to the submission link.

Click 'View/Complete' to submit your assignment.

Select the blue 'Submit' button.

Turnitin will ask you to provide a "Submission Title". You should enter your Exam Number and word count (if applicable) into this "Submission Title" box. For example:

an example of a submission title in Turnitin





Your Exam Number can be found on your student card and usually starts with a "B".

This is different from your student number (or UUN) which usually starts with an “S”.


Image of student card showing exam number












Then select chose from this computer or the relevant selection to locate your file.

Select your file and then 'Open'.

Then select 'Upload'.

Use the arrow buttons to flick through your submission to make sure you have submitted the correct version of your assignment.

Then select 'Confirm'.

You will see the following message: 

"Congratulations - your submission is complete! This is your digital receipt. You can print a copy of this receipt from the Document Viewer."

An email confrimation will also be sent to your student email address. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please make sure your assignment has been correctly uploaded to the Turnitin Inbox (see 'Looking at your assignment after you’ve submitted it' below).


Image of Turnitin Submission Process

Looking at your assignment after you’ve submitted it

Return to your Assignment Inbox (where you submitted the assignment).

Instead of clicking the blue 'Submit button', click 'View'.

Viewing your assignment mark and feedback

Once the mark and feedback for your assignment have been released, you can view them by returning to your Assignment Inbox (where you submitted the assignment) and clicking the ‘View’ button.