Counselling, Psychotherapy and Applied Social Sciences

Student support

There are numerous avenues of support for students within the University.

Institute for Academic Development

The IAD offers a wide variety of courses to help students consider strategies for making the most of their studies. Most semesters the Institute offers a series of study skills sessions.

There are one-hour lunch time sessions on such themes as Studying at University, Lectures, Information Resources, Essay Writing, Tutorials, and Preparing for Class Exams. Staff at the Centre are also available for one-to-one consultations on academic matters.

English Language Teaching Centre

The ELTC offers a variety of courses under their English for Academic Purposes programme. Some of these courses are designed specifically for students whose native language is not English, to introduce them to listening and note-taking skills, with special attention to the basic principles of academic discourse in the humanities.

These courses are free to matriculated students and are especially useful for starting postgraduate students whose native language is not English.

The Student Counselling Service

The Student Counselling Service provides free confidential counselling to all matriculated students at the University.

They can help with whatever issues or problems might be coming up for people, whether related to studying or life at the University, to relationships and friendships, to family matters, feeling depressed or unmotivated, alcohol or drug use, or issues from the past.

Staff are qualified counsellors of many years standing. There is complete separation between Counselling Studies and the Student Counselling Service. None of the Counselling Studies staff or trainees work there and there is no communication between the service and Counselling and Psychotherapy about our students’ use of the service.

Edinburgh Global

Edinburgh Global offers a comprehensive range of support, advice and information services for international students. They are able to assist from the point of application right through to the point of departure. The International Student Advisory Service works to support students at all stages and offers welfare support, practical advice and events.

Further Services