Health & Safety Department

School Safety Advisers at High Risk Schools

These training courses are specifically aimed at those who work in high risk schools/areas, or those who have a health and safety responsibility in such areas.

High risk schools (areas) are categorised by Health and Safety Department as those areas which contain a laboratory, a darkroom or workshop accommodation.


All three sessions must be attended.

Course outline

Session 1

Legal aspects of health and safety at work, the University Health and Safety Policy, individual responsibilities, accident reporting.

Training material for this session

This session covers:

  • Introduction to Health and Safety Legislation
  • The University Health and Safety Policy
  • Sources of Information, Advice and Support
  • Health and Safety Department - structure, role and web site
  • Accident and Incident Reporting etc

Session 2

The risk assessment process, hazard recognition and control.

Training materials for session 2

This session covers:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Generic approaches
  • Types of Assessment required
  • Tools to assist - SAFENET

Session 3

Monitoring and departmental self-inspection, auditing, annual school/unit health and safety report.

Training materials for session 3

This session covers:

  • Monitoring compliance with University Health and Safety Policy. Central recording of accidents, ill-health etc
  • External auditing
  • School/Unit self-inspections
  • Central in-house auditing

Further information

If you require further details on any of the above courses please contact Lawrence Dickson at:

Mr Lawrence Dickson

Training and Audit Lead

  • Training and Audit Unit

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