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Defensive Driving

The University has implemented a mandatory requirement that all employees who drive University owned vehicles undertake a 1.5 hour course titled 'Defensive Driving'.

This course was previously part of a joint initiative with Lothian and Borders Police (LBP) Traffic Department known as 'Fleetsure', a positive step to reducing the risk of injury through road accidents. This course is now provided by a commercial company and is delivered by individuals who were previously employees of LBP, and were involved in the 'Fleetsure' programme.

The University has a duty under health and safety legislation to manage Occupational Road Risk (ORR).

Course aims

Defensive Driving courses acknowledge that although many accidents that occur whilst employees are driving on company business are not caused by those employees, something can still be done to reduce the risk by making people more aware and thus enabling drivers to be more proactive on the roads.

Even when accidents are not caused by an organisations own drivers, there is still a cost implication, this may be in terms of physical injury or mental trauma to the employee, damage to a vehicle with insurance implications, or lost days at work.

You will learn about:

  • what road markings really mean
  • roadside features that can warn of hazards ahead
  • reading the road ahead through the actions of other road users
  • driver fatigue and how minor distractions can affect your concentration

Both new and experienced drivers can gain much from this course, whether in the form of expanding the knowledge gained to pass the driving test, as refresher to highlight bad habits gained, or to teach old dogs new tricks and bring them up to 'speed' on new traffic legislation.

Further information


This course is mandatory for all staff who are registered University drivers and drive University owned vehicles.

It is also recommended for staff who use their own vehicles on University business.


This course is run in a single 1.5 hour session.

Date/Time and venue

Please see Training Course Timetable for details on this.


To register, please contact the Health and Safety Department, quoting the course code and giving the name of your Vehicle Coordinator.

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