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First Aid at Work

A 3 day course which provides detailed training in theoretical and practical aspects of First Aid at work.

The First Aid Basic course provides employees with a First Aid at Work qualification and certificate, which is valid for three years. 




It is the duty of the employer to make provision for First Aid under the Health and Safety (First Aid at Work) Regulations 1981.

Course information

The course provides detailed training in theoretical and practical aspects of First Aid at work, in order to enable employees to manage a person or persons becoming suddenly ill or suffering injury at work.

The information covered in the course includes the principles of First Aid, reporting and recording of accidents, and provision of assistance to a casualty suffering from the following conditions:

  • unconsciousness
  • hypoxia
  • cardiac arrest
  • bleeding / wounds
  • shock
  • burns / scalds
  • electrical injury
  • eye injuries
  • injuries to bones, muscles and joints
  • exposure to poisons
  • minor illness and some medical conditions


Three days duration, 09:00 - 17:00 (usually consecutive days). The last afternoon of the course consists of a half-hour test, including oral and practical assessment of First Aid techniques and principles.


A waiting list for First Aid Basic training exists.

Courses are run frequently throughout each year.

Priority is given to areas/schools/units which do not have trained First Aiders, or which are considered "high risk" school/units.

There is no charge to University of Edinburgh staff members to attend the course, however there is a £50.00 non attendance/late cancellation charge (at least 10 days notice must be given for cancellation).

Staff who wish to attend First Aid at Work Training and have had this approved by their Line Manager should in the first instance email

Registration and further details

To register an interest in First Aid at Work Training please email

First Aid Training Registration

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