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Student ergonomics

Online ergonomic training for students from Cardinus Risk Management

UK wide, Cardinus report that there has been a significant increase in the number of students showing signs of musculoskeletal disorder, with many requiring NHS treatment and taking medication. Almost all of these problems can be attributed to the dramatic rise in the use of computers, smartphones, games consoles and iPad-style tablet devices.

Poor posture when working and relaxing with technology is also a major contributing factor and the need to carry heavy book bags also plays its part. Students are particularly at risk because many have been using electronic devices for several years without guidance.

Online course

'Healthy Working MOVE' is a free ergonomics e-learning course from Cardinus Risk Management that will engage students and inform them of the risks. More importantly, it gives practical, real-world advice about how to avoid stress, strain and pain resulting from the careless use of technology.

Healthy Working MOVE

Free online training and guidance for students.