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Safe Driving

Specific guidance on the Safe Driving package


The first part of this module is the Risk Assessment. You are required to completed the Risk Assessment before moving on to the training component. The training consists of 9 modules plus a test. The training will take approximately 30 - 40 minutes to complete.

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The areas of training consist of;

  • Setting the scene

  • Is your vehicle safe and legal?

  • Is low speed low risk?

  • Increased speed, increased risk

  • Avoiding common collisions

  • Understanding what you see

  • Comfort

  • Lone working

  • Night time

You can complete one section at a time and return later to continue. You must complete each section in full to save your progress. 

A training record can be printed after completing the online course and a certificate can be printed after completing the test.

If you would like to speak to your Administrator about your results, please save and/or print a copy of your results for them as currently Administrators are unable to access individuals' reports due to the system upgrade.

System contacts

Please contact your local Administrator in the first instance.

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