Health & Safety Department

Covid19 training

Online health and safety training for University staff working at home and/or returning to work on the University estate.

The following online training should be completed by University staff who are working from home at present and/or returning to work on the University estate.

Home Working: setting up your home work area following the Coronavirus outbreak

To support staff working from home during the coronavirus outbreak, the Cardinus training package on Home Working will guide you through a number of areas you should be aware of when working at home.

This course will cover issues such as:

  • your comfort and posture whilst working
  • fire and electrical hazards
  • your wellbeing
  • risk assessment to ensure your workstation is correctly set up (as much as possible) with guidance on how to achieve a better set up if required

If you wish more specific training on setting up your workstation and working safely at home with the equipment you have, you can also complete the "Healthy Working" course. This will also offer you the opportunity to complete a more in depth risk assessment on your current working set-up, and receive guidance on how to improve this (if required) from "My Healthy Working Plan".

Returning to the University estate: back to work on University premises following the Coronavirus outbreak

This Cardinus course will give staff an overview of what to expect when they return to working on our estate and we encourage all staff who this applies to, to complete the course prior to their return (for example the week prior as guidance is changing rapidly and the course will be updated to reflect these changes). You must also receive local induction outlining arrangements in your work area(s) once you are physically back on campus.

This course will cover issues such as:

  • who should return to work
  • travelling to work
  • workplace distancing and hygiene
  • workplace safety  


Launching the courses

Users may log in to the Cardinus system by visiting 

Your local Cardinus Administrator may also send you an invitation to complete this training, by email.  Should you receive an email, please use the link provided in the email to access Cardinus (rather than the link above).  The system will automatically send you reminders if you do not action your Administrator's request.  These will cease when you complete what your Administrator has requested of you.

Guidance on how to use the system is available on the "Users" tab and should be read before logging in for the first time. We recommend users use Chrome or Firefox to access their Cardinus training.

If you have any queries about Cardinus - please contact your local Cardinus Administrator - details can be found at