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Further information for the administrators of the system.

Each School or Support Unit within the University will have at least one Administrator who will oversee the training records and information for their staff through the Cardinus on-line administration system which is called “PACE”. 

Accessing PACE

Only Cardinus Administrators can access PACE.

Your log in name is your UUN and the password that you have set. 

If you are accessing PACE for the first time, please click on the "set new password" link and set your personal password using the email which you will receive.  If you forget your password, please complete this step again (the new system does not now allow us to reset passwords for Administrators).

Please note, passwords require a capital letter and a number.

If you have difficulty accessing your PACE account, please contact or

Log into PACE

Appointment of Administrator

Each School is responsible for appointing their own Administrator(s).  We recommend having more than one Administrator for each work area, to cover leave/absence.  It is a legal requirement for staff to be offered two of the training sessions in Cardinus, so it is vital that the administration of this is done at a local level continuously.

Please contact if your Administrator needs to change, due to a change in personnel, or if you wish to add an additional Administrator for your work area.  Administrators are key to ensuring that new personnel are given appropriate access to the system. Individuals who have taken on the role of Administrator will receive appropriate training in the use of the PACE software.

A list of Administrators is available for reference.

The PACE software allows the Administrator to invite new users to complete their training, follow the progress of individual users through the system, report on their work area's results and help with any issues. Each Administrator is given flexibility on how they manage this for their work area.   

Examples of the reports include, many of which can be dowloaded into Excel;

  • identify any users with any outstanding issues, if available
  • list of users who have completed the training and/or risk assessment
  • training and/or risk assessments complete via location or department

The system updates automatically on a daily basis with information on those joining or leaving the University (from the HR feed) and users will have their work area listed in line with the published University hierarchy.   

Administrators can email all users in their school from the PACE system.


PACE training materials can be accessed by clicking the "PACE Training" menu option on the left.

The training materials consist of two PACE Administrator Guides, as well as FAQs and videos of training sessions from April 2020 which were run by the Training and Audit Unit of the Health and Safety department, and Matt Walford from Cardinus. To access the PACE training page you will need be set up as an Administrator in Cardinus.  To log in please use your University Log In details.

Information for Administrators

An email for Administrators has been set up. All Administrators will be added to this group as it will be used for all communications from the Health and Safety Department regarding this system.

All newly trained Administrators will be added automatically. If you have any queries or wish to add other contacts to this list, please contact the Training and Audit Unit.

Training and Audit Unit (E-Learning)

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