Radiation Protection Unit

Competency and Training

The Radiation Protection Unit provides basic training on radiation safety to all radiation workers.

Those working unsupervised with radiation or radioactivity must be competent. In order to assure the University that this is so, all radiation workers, including visiting researchers, who will be working with radiation or radioactivity in Research or Teaching must undergo an online Competence Assessment. It is not permitted to undertake radiation work, except under close supervision, until the necessary level in the Competence Assessment is achieved. Details of how this is done can be seen by clicking on the “Competence Assessment” link below.

In order to help those who have not had previous training on radiation safety, the Radiation Protection Unit offers a number of courses, details of which can be seen by clicking the “Course List” link below. Several of the RPU courses are now available on Learn and details can be found in the Course List section. All courses available on Learn have a competency assessment within the course. All other courses and competency assessments will be added to Learn in due course. If the course you desire is not available on Learn you must attend a face to face session before commencing work with radiation.

Please email radiation@ed.ac.uk if you have any questions.

Course list

Information on courses provided by the Radiation Protection Unit.

Competence Assessment

Details of competency assessments for RPU produced training courses

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