Radiation Protection Unit

Risk Assessments

In order to assist the relevant Schools and research groups, the RPU prepares generic radiation risk assessments for radiation work carried out within the University.

Radiation risk assessments are completed by the addition of an approved Proposed Scheme of Work form, which has been signed by the radiation worker, the RPS and the RPA. The PSoW form allows any variation from the generic assessment and any local differences to be considered.

RPU Proposed Scheme of Work Forms

The possession of a completed PSoW form and the generic risk assessment should together make up a suitable and sufficient radiation risk assessment for each radiation worker.

Generic Risk Assessments

RP RA Title
001 Work with self-contained gamma irradiators (PDF) 
002 Laboratory tracer work using tritiated material (PDF)
003 Laboratory tracer work using low energy beta emitters (PDF)
004 Laboratory tracer work using high energy beta emitters (PDF)
005 Laboratory tracer work using electron capture nuclides (PDF)
006 Laboratory tracer work using gamma-emitting nuclides (PDF)
008 Work with x-ray fluorescence analysers (PDF)
010 Work with veterinary linear accelerator (PDF)