Health & Safety Department

Section 13 - Physical hazards

Codes of Practice relating to Section 13 - Physical Hazards of the University Health and Safety Policy, Framework: Arrangements document


These Codes of Practice must be complied with either in the manner stated, or in some other manner that ensures that an equivalent level of safety and health control is met.

Should you choose an alternative method you may be called upon to justify your actions and prove that such action has resulted in an equivalent level of risk control.

Subject specific Guidance documents add further detail and aid compliance with this Policy and CoPs. Following the CoPs in the manner stated will ensure that you comply with both health and safety law and the University’s Health and Safety Policy.


VS CoP001 – Control of Vibration Code of Practice 

Vibration risk assessment template VRA1


Guidance on other physical hazards at the Univerity can be found in the 'Work environment' section of our website.