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Section 31 - Radiation Protection

Codes of Practice relating to Section 31 Radiation protection of the University Health and Safety Policy, Framework: Arrangements document


These Codes of Practice must be complied with either in the manner stated, or in some other manner that ensures that an equivalent level of safety and health control is met.

Should you choose an alternative method you may be called upon to justify your actions and prove that such action has resulted in an equivalent level of risk control.

Subject specific Guidance documents add further detail and aid compliance with this Policy and CoPs. Following the CoPs in the manner stated will ensure that you comply with both health and safety law and the University’s Health and Safety Policy.

Please note all Code of Practice names relating to Radiation Protection begin RP COP...

Ionising Radiation


001 Radiation Protection Supervisors (PDF)
002 Protocol for the Decommissioning of Laboratories Used for Unsealed Radioactive Work (PDF)
003 Contamination Monitoring Procedures in Research Laboratories (PDF)
004 Protocol for Determining the Relative Fractions of Waste Activity Arising from Experimental Work with Unsealed Radioactive Material (PDF)
005 Accounting for Radioactive Sources (PDF)
006 Working with Unsealed Radioactive Materials (PDF)
007 Authorisation to Work with Ionising or Non-ionising Radiation Sources (PDF)
008 Information, Instruction and Training in Work with Radiation Sources (PDF)
009 Waste Disposal - this COP is currently being rewritten. Please email for more information.
010 Accounting Procedures for Unsealed Radioactive Material (PDF)
011 Controlled and Supervised Areas (PDF)
012               The University’s Organisation and Arrangements for Compliance with its Authorisations under the Environmental Authorisations (Scotland) Regulations 2018 (PDF)
013 Working with Radiation when Pregnant or Breastfeeding (PDF)
014 The Design of Radiochemical Laboratories (PDF)
015 Classified Radiation Workers (PDF)
016 Research Work involving Ionising Radiation Sources outside the UK (PDF)
017 Transport of Radioactive Material (PDF)

Radiation Risk Assessments (PDF)

020 Working with Sealed Sources (PDF)

Non-ionising Radiation (Artificial Optical Radiation)

RP COP Title
101 Non-Ionising Radiation (PDF)