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For students

The Occupational Health Service provides some very limited services for students.

For students

The University Occupational Health Service is resourced primarily as a service provision for employees or by definition those undertaking work activities on behalf of the University e.g. such as research. There is some very limited services for PhD students and MSc students where they are ‘employed’ for their involvement in research activity as opposed to taught practice.

Health surveillance

Inclusion in a Health Surveillance Programme is wholly dependent on the risk assessment which should be used to identify any need for health surveillance.  It is routinely for those individuals/employees who have been identified as requiring this by risk assessment under COSHH. These people are presented by their supervisor (or equivalent), it should not be a substitute for undertaking a risk assessment or using effective controls and is not part of a gate keeping to access facilities, but rather is a system of ongoing health checks required by law, only achievable or effective over a specified period. If there is any doubt about this being required, the H&S representative for the specified area should advise.

HSE: What is health surveillance?

Student Health Service

OHS does not provide a general practice or treatment service, please register and contact a local GP practice if you need to see a health care specialist such as a doctor, pharmacist, dentist or optician. A range of health and supporting services are provided throughout Edinburgh. The University Health Centre is an independent medical practice. It offers full general practitioner (GP) services to patients who live in the practice area. For more information on the University Health Centre visit their website:

Health services | The University of Edinburgh

MedicalDental and Nursing undergraduate students

OHS at the University do not provide services for this cohort. Immunisation and blood test record information will be requested via an emailed link from NHS Lothian Occupational Health around two months prior to the placement, and any study-related health enquiries should be via direct contact with NHS Lothian (Occupational Health). Contact Us (nhslothian.scot)


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