Occupational Health Service

Self-Referral - information for staff

University employees who have not been referred by their School/Unit but who would like advice on a health matter that affects work are encouraged to self-refer to Occupational Health.

Advice from Occupational Health may include guidance concerning a health issue affecting work, sickness absence, planning a return to work, or guidance regarding requirement for adjustments in the workplace.

Self-referral can be initiated by emailing or calling the Occupational Health Unit. Alternatively, you can complete the self-referral form.

Self Referral Form

The completed form should be sent in confidence either electronically or by internal mail to the Occupational Health mailbox where it will be passed to the relevant adviser for your area.

You will be contacted by the OHU and an appointment for consultation will be arranged as soon as possible.




Occupational Health should not be contacted in place of your General Practice, or for treatments.


The Occupational Health Unit is staffed by registered health practitioners and provides a confidential service.

This means that personal information is treated in medical confidence, and not passed on unless the employee gives consent.

The exception to this is if information is passed on which is considered to pose a significant risk to health and safety of the individual or others.