Occupational Health Service

Management Referral

One of the roles of the Occupational Health Unit is to advise both you and your manager (such as Heads of School/Units) in relation to the impact of work on your health and welfare, and effects of your health on your ability to perform your work satisfactorily.

Means of referral

In order that appropriate advice can be given, Occupational Health can be accessed by either managerial referral or self-referral.

Management referrals

University policy advises managers and/or supervisors to refer employees to Occupational Health in various circumstances. Some examples of which are when an employee wishes to return to work before the expiry of a fit note, in advance of or as a consequence of a return to work discussion or formal attendance review, or if it becomes clear that an absence will be for a prolonged period.  

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However, individuals can also be referred in relation to shorter periods, or if the manager identifies a possible health issue that is likely to have an ongoing effect on work attendance or performance.

Individuals can also be referred whilst they are attending work, if work appears to be affected.


The Occupational Health Unit is staffed by registered health practitioners and provides a confidential service.

This means that personal information is treated in medical confidence, and not passed on unless the employee gives consent.

The exception to this is if information is passed on which is considered to pose a significant risk to health and safety of the individual or others.

Reporting of suspected or confirmed ill-health caused by occupation

It is important to the University to know about any situation where there is a perception that health may be being put at risk by employment.

If there is a concern regarding any potential development of ill health relating to occupation, please view our guidance.