Occupational Health Service

Mental wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing is an important issue within the workplace and awareness of the need to manage the health of employees including mental health is increasing.

The Occupational Health Service as well as offering training for managers provides various guidance and services for staff in relation to mental wellbeing and can be contacted direct to discuss this further.

Contact the Occupational Healt Unit

The following link provides further access to information and a toolkit to assist managers in “Managing and supporting mental health at work: disclosure tools for managers”.

Managing and supporting mental health at work

Stress / Depression

Stress is the reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed upon them which are not matched by their ability to cope.

Human Resources guidance

The Human Resources website Health and Wellbeing section is intended to support the promotion of healthy working by supporting staff to balance different aspects of their work and personal lives and work in ways that promote good health.

Human Resources - Health and Wellbeing

Please also be aware of the counselling services provided by the University. The University of Edinburgh provides a free confidential counselling service, of up to 6 sessions, for all members of staff. Counselling offers the opportunity to discuss a problem or situation which is causing you concern or distress, either at work or home.

Counselling aims to look at all aspects of a problem and to examine your responses in order to find better ways of managing personal development.

Staff Counselling